The 90 mins session includes counseling, warming-up, yogic practice and Q&A.

The lesson is held at a location of your convenience such as your home, a gym, or even a suitable outdoor location e.g. an open space of a park. Preschool-aged children are welcome to attend with you, but only at indoor venues and always under your supervision.

Private one-to-one Lesson / Semi-Private Lesson (2 persons)
  • Customized lesson plans unique to your needs, personal goals, and health conditions
  • Full attention on participant(s) by the instructor leads you more learning and faster progress
  • No hassle nor struggle to keep up/down with others, better concentration on your own practice
  • One-to-one and semi-private lesson for 2p can include a 10 min(one-to-one) or 5 min each (2P lesson) mini-massage session upon request

Private, Semi-private lesson fees(S$) *6 *7

Number of Participants Trial Session *1 1 Session *2 First timer’s Promotion Package
(4 sessions) *3
Regular Package
(4 sessions) *4
×10 Package
(10 sessions) *5
1 50 100 260 (@65) 320 (@80) 700 (@70)
2 70 (pax@35) 140 (@70) 360 (per person/session@45) 480 (@60) 1,000 (@50)

Group Lesson (3 people or more)

*Please note: due to recent government restrictions, group lessons are suspended.

  • Best suited for a group of family, friends or neighbors
  • Economical class fees
  • Great opportunity for periodical bonding with family and friends
  • Promote health while having fun!

Group lesson fees (S$) *6 *7

Number of Participants 1 session fee/person Trial Price*8
1 session fee/person
 3~5  30 20
 6~10  20 12
 11+ please ask NA

*1: Promotion price applicable only for first-timers

*2: One time lesson rate

*3: Can be purchased within 1 week from the first time trial/Fixed member(s) of participant(s)/Expires in 2 months form the first lesson of the package

*4: Fixed member(s) of participant(s)/Expires in 3 months from the first lesson of the package

*5: Fixed member(s) of participant(s)/Expires in 5 months from the first lesson of the package

*6: A travel fee of S$0-50 depends on the area is applicable on each lesson. Please contact to specify the travel fee for your area.

*7: A cancellation fee of S$30 will be applied in case of the cancellation within 12 hours before the booked lesson

*8: Applicable only on the first time trial of a group lesson

* Please be informed that it is mandatory to have at least one female attendance or a referral from an existing client for the first time lesson. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.