Have you ever thought that yoga would be too difficult because you are not athletic or your body is stiff?

Or, have you avoided yoga because you imagine that it requires years of physical and spiritual training?

Well, I would like to tell you that you are overthinking yoga and have nothing to be afraid of. I assure you that much of yoga isn’t all that hard.

On the contrary, I have observed yoga to be an effective tool in building and maintaining a comfortably active lifestyle. A few simple poses work on everybody!

The advantage of yoga I would like to highlight is that there are moves that can be practiced anytime and anywhere, and you can utilize them for your physical and emotional well being. After a short while, I believe that whoever regularly practices some simple poses will notice positive changes.

You need not hesitate to start something that is good for you. I have conducted classes for men and women of various ages and conditions – flexibility and experience are never a problem. If you do have experience with asanas, I can share my perspective on what you know and introduce you to something new as well.

My wish for you is to adopt yoga into your everyday life, casually trying moves for fun and enjoyment. It would be my great pleasure personally hand you my acquired knowledge and techniques to do so. I look forward to practicing yoga with you soon!

Kanae Catalano 

testimonials from clients

“My little girl and I really enjoy Kanae’s yoga class. I never imagined I could do yoga with my daughter. During the class, my daughter happily plays with other kids. Kanae is good at explaining how your body works in detail and she also is patient. After practicing yoga, I feel my body very light and my skin looks better because I have good blood circulation. I love this yoga class!”

– a mother attending group lessons with her daughter

“Kanae is a great yoga teacher. She is patient and always gives clear instruction and explanation for each posture. She focuses on flexibility, stretches, and core strength. Her family yoga class is lots of fun, and it’s nice that the kids can come along and play together. As parents this is a great way to get some exercise, to socialize and connect with neighbors and friends.”

– a couple attending group lessons with their kids

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Notice on studio classes

Due to the current situation, all of my studio classes will be canceled until further notice. I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please consider taking a private or semi-private lessons with me as an alternative. Stay healthy and keep practicing!

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